Sunday, October 26, 2008

Film Festivals in Bay Area

Hello Film Lovers,
I received information about film festivals that are happening now and will be happening in the future in Bay Area. Don't miss the great opportunities.

Arab Film Festival
is happening and closing soon.
Check this website, it would be a great opportunity to know about the culture.

The mission of the Arab Film Festival (AFF) is to enhance public understanding of Arab culture and to provide alternative representations of Arabs that contradict the stereotypical images frequently encountered in the American mass media. The Arab Film Festival screens films from and about the Arab World that provide realistic perspectives on Arab people, culture, art, history and politics.

SF Int'l Documentary Festival

October 30st to November 6th
at the Shattuck Cinemas on 2230 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

More Info.

SF Int'l Animation Festival
Novermber 13 to November 16

Currently one of the most fertile, creative and productive forms in cinema and television, animation occupies a pressure point between artistic, experimental, commercial and industrial media. It ranges from the latest visual FX-based arthouse films to family-friendly cartoons. The four-day San Francisco International Animation Festival celebrates San Francisco’s preeminence as a hub for one of the most creative forms in cinema today.


Blogger Hilary Hart said...

very useful thanks. What about New Italian Cinema in Nov 16-23?

October 27, 2008 at 3:02 PM  

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